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16 Bad Jokes Only Digital Marketers Will Appreciate

It’s easy to get consumed with the serious side of marketing. Between creating content, and driving demand, we seldom take a step back and think ‘hey, why is no one making fun of all these acronyms we use?’. So here you have it, 16 cringe-worthy jokes I hope you enjoy. 1. Q: Why did the junior marketer get into display advertising? A: He wanted to make a lasting impression. 2. My latest backlink took out a restraining order… I’m starting to think it wasn’t a Do-Follow. 3. Google: What are you SERPosed to be? Result 11: That’s not funny. 4....

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How PPC Can Help You Dominate B2B SEO

With over 71% of B2B buying decisions starting with a Google search, it’s no wonder the marketing world is obsessed with getting to the top of search engines. Higher rankings > More Traffic > More Leads > More Sales Unlucky for some, ranking highly in search results pages (SERPs) in 2018 is much harder than it was 7 years ago. Algorithm updates mean quick black hat SEO hacks no longer work, and it takes time and money to rank at the top. With this in mind, smaller companies need a way to quickly identify SEO opportunities, so they can rise...

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B2B Lead Generation: A Complete Guide (2018)

Let’s face it… the only thing we really care about as B2B marketers is generating leads for our sales team. We sit in meetings and report on what we’ve contributed to the bottom-line. Marketing is no longer just branding, it’s about tangible results, and we’re on a mission to generate as many marketing-attributed leads as possible. That said, B2B lead generation can be hard, and to make things worse there’s a lot of bad information out there. People telling you to buy email lists and getting the sales team to make cold calls isn’t helpful. This article is going...

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B2B Conversion Rate Optimisation: 16 Ways To Drive More Leads (Infographic)

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) refers to improving the likelihood that a user will complete a defined goal on your website. This can be anything from buying a product, requesting a quote or downloading a white paper, and is vital for successful B2B lead generation. As crucial as CRO is, it’s easy for marketers to become obsessed with driving traffic and putting little focus on optimising their site. In fact, for every $92 spent acquiring leads only $1 is spent converting them. Once more, only 22% of marketers are happy with the number of conversions they achieve. This infographic outlines...

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4 Unusual Ways Small Companies Can Compete With The Fortune 500

A £1.99 domain is all it takes to turn an idea into reality, and a company into fruition. It’s a nice thought, right? The old interweb has made it possible for everyone to start a revolution from their bed. Unfortunately, in reality, it’s not that easy. Only a small number of businesses make it past the first 5 years, and less go on to create multi-million-pound empires. As much as the internet has helped the average-joe create an online presence, it’s helped conglomerates 10-fold. It’s gifted them the power of world domination, and they have the money to crush...

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B2B Remarketing: Boost Your ROI in Three Easy Steps

Remarketing is the process of bringing previous visitors back to your website to finish the conversion process – otherwise known in B2B as filling out a form. Research shows remarketing converts up to 50% traffic, while search campaigns convert roughly 2%. Not bad. The only problem is, it is not as simple as knocking-up a remarketing campaign and raking in 50% more business. As always, there are plenty of obstacles lurking around the corner to drag your brand new campaign through the mud. Here are 3 things to consider when optimizing your B2B remarketing campaigns. 1. Don’t use the same landing page twice...

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