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5 Ways to Create B2B Content in Boring Industries [Infographic]

Does anybody care what I’m writing about? A question most of us B2B writers ask ourselves on a regular basis. Because, let’s face it, some of the things we write about are just plain boring. But it doesn’t matter what we think – our job is to make the reader fall in love with the value our content offers. The problem is, marketers aren’t always subject experts, and therefore have no idea what people in the industry want to hear about. This inevitably leads to mediocre content and irrelevant topics. In fact, over 60% of B2B marketing teams have...

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How to Steal your Competitor’s Traffic [Step-by-step Guide]

There’s one thing I find more satisfying than increasing web traffic: Stealing competitors’ traffic. But hey, if I can offer the searcher more value then it’s fair game, right? Over the year’s I’ve created a method in which any company can reverse engineer competitor’s most successful pages and beat them to the top spot of Google – and therefore win their traffic. Better still, access to marketing software such as SEMrush enables you to achieve results with as little thinking as possible. To prove this method can be applied to B2B companies, I’ll be using a small cloud-based accounting...

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3 Ways Content Marketing Can Work For Your Company

The term ‘content marketing’ gets thrown about a lot. And I’m not surprised. There are over 2 million blogs posted every day, and each has the objective of capturing someone’s attention. Somewhere along the line, the purpose of creating content has been lost. Content marketing has been associated with pushing out as much information as possible, instead of focusing on what content actually needs to be produced in order to achieve business growth. According to CMI, 88% of b2b marketers have implemented content marketing, however, only 5% have found it to be very effective. On top of that, only...

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4 Way to Win Using Broad-Match

From day one at PPC school, broad match is made the enemy. ….and rightly so.Many AdWord’ers have thrown away £1000’s before realising the traffic is completely irrelevant to their business. Many AdWord’ers have thrown away £1000’s before realising the traffic is completely irrelevant to their business. This is called ‘Google’s stupidity tax’. But we’re not talking about best practices today. This post’s objective is to step out of the comfortable and offer keywords strategies which deliver you the best results in your next campaign. Here are some reasons you should consider broad match keywords: 1. Keyword research can only take...

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5 Proven Ways to Master Google’s Display Network.

When it comes to finding new customers, Google’s Display Network (GDN) is the most undervalued tool in the digital marketers acquisition playbook. We’ve all witnessed the success of remarking using GDN, but when it comes to actually driving new leads using programmatic display, the majority look elsewhere. Why? Most GDN campaigns drive crap traffic to the landing page, which drives crap conversions (if any), which then leads to crap from the sales team and finally – oh yes, crap feedback from management or clients. It’s a never-ending crap cycle. So why should we do it? This doesn’t have to...

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